Switching gears...

My heart and soul belong to Bedford, so it seemed only natural that upon retiring, I found a new way to serve the community.

​On November 6, 2018 our campaign made history...electing the first Democrat NH Representative in Bedford since 1934. We made a pledge to run a positive campaign that put people before politics, and the voters demonstrated that they agree: it's time for common sense, respect and civility to be the rule, not the exception.


Being one of Bedford’s representatives to the NH House has been an awe inspiring privilege. I have the honor of serving on the Education Committee with colleagues who are equally committed to improving schools and broadening opportunities for students all over our state. I have also served on the Commission on Mental Health and Student Wellness, as an advisor to the NH Legislative Youth Advisory Council, and as a member of the Children’s Caucus.


In the beginning...


As the youngest of 4, I was raised in Manchester, graduating from West High School in 1974.  Both of my parents were born and raised in Manchester, as well, so my roots run deep. Lots of my childhood memories involve my lifelong Bedford friends, many of whom still live in the area. 

I graduated from Keene State College in 1978 and immediately went to work for the Bedford School District. After 12 years as a classroom teacher, I received my master's degree from Northeastern University, then worked as a school counselor for the next 27 years. After 39 years of service to the Bedford School District, I retired in June 2017.

I have lived in town since 1988. My wife, Susan, and I raised two children here, and we are the proud grandparents of four exceptional little people.


It's go time ...

I am honored to serve Bedford for a second term! My decision to seek re-election in 2020 was born from my conviction that Bedford is a community of diverse opinions. Setting a place at the table for many points of view assures that no one feels marginalized and everyone feels heard. I respect the hard work of my fellow representatives and look forward to working shoulder to shoulder for the Bedford we love.

2018 Campaign Interviews

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2020 Campaign Interviews

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