First and foremost, I believe that people need to come before politics. Assuring that all of Bedford's citizens are listened to with thoughtfulness and respect is a priority. With a proven track record of effective communication, common sense and commitment, I have been and will continue to be a true bipartisan leader in state government.                                                 - Sue

Why Vote For MULLEN?

Sue Mullen Knows Bedford
  • 39 Years as Teacher/Counselor in the BSD
  • NH native; has lived in Bedford since 1988
  • Elected in 2018 as NH Representative for Bedford 
Sue Mullen is Committed to Representing Bedford
  • 100% Attendance Record & 100% Voting Roll Call 
  • Member of the House Education Committee
  • Serves on the Commission on Mental Health Ed, Behavioral Health and Wellness Programs, K-12
  • Member of the Children's Caucus
  • Serves on the Hillsborough County Committee on Aging Populations

Voting Record

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 9.38.56 PM.png

as your Representative, sue mullen is committed to Bedford and New Hampshire  

  • $138 million additional dollars to NH schools

  • Increased funding for suicide prevention

  • Established mental heath Mobile Crisis Units for children

  • Increased Medicaid reimbursement rates for healthcare providers

  • $ 370,000+  in municipal aid returned to Bedford

  • $ 317,000+  fiscal capacity disparity aid returned to Bedford schools




As a member of the House Education Committee, I have seen firsthand how where you live in NH effects the quality of educational opportunities available. Adequately funding all communities needs to be a priority to ensure that young people from every zip code are able to access programs that prepare them for a bright future. The impact of the COVID crisis required school districts to incorporate remote learning into their instructional models overnight. Moving forward, we need to ensure that all students and staff have access to to equipment and internet services, that professional development results in informed change, and that the strong partnerships forged between school and home continue long after the pandemic has passed.


Mental Health


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) such as death of a family member, divorce, domestic violence, parental drug addiction, etc...have been tied to negative behavioral and mental health outcomes across the country. Here in NH, one out of ten adults reports experiencing four or more ACEs. When we look at the circumstances influencing the Opioid Crisis, homelessness, crime, suicide, depression, obesity, and the vast array of other mental health related issues, we must consider the impact of early intervention on adult outcomes and support NH’s 10 Year Mental Health Plan to do more. 


Older Adults


According to the US Census Bureau, between 18% - 20% of NH’s population is 65 years of age or older, and that number is likely to get larger as babyboomer life expectancy increases. Along with acquired wisdom, older adults are more likely to experience income insecurity, social isolation, and the need for ongoing healthcare. Affordable housing is at a premium for those able to maintain their independence, and the recent pandemic has taught us that we need to take greater measures to assure quality of life and safety in our residential facilities. I am committed to making sure that we cherish and value our elders as extended family, as vibrant community members whose contributions should never be lost in the narrative just because they have grown old. They deserve our respect, and they need our help.

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BCTV Interview - Candidates Corner - August 2020

Watch first episode to learn about Sue's background and overview of her past two years in the State House.

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BCTV Interview - Candidates Corner - October 2020

Watch second episode as Sue explains more about issues and voting record.

Campaign Buzz

NOVEMBER 3:  Mullen Returns to NH State House!

A quick note out to all who are waiting that I will be back in the NH House for 2021-2022! Many thanks, so much gratitude, and hope for both great relief and progress in the time we are given. Thank you, Bedford!

OCTOBER 31: Definitely at Treat at the Transfer Station

Today was our last candidate visit at the Bedford Transfer Station. Thank you to all who said hello and honked your support.


NOVEMBER 3, 2020

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 7.27.10 PM.png

OCTOBER 29: Are those Signs Accurate about Sue?

Please read my recent Letter to the Editor in the Bedford Bulletin.

OCTOBER 18: Neighborhood Campaigning

Only 16 more days!  Our Pop-Up Truck Stops will be on Horizon Drive, Puritan, and Eagle...if you would like us to stop in your neighborhood, just send me a message.

OCTOBER 15: The Voting Facts

Click on recent post about my voting record. I supported all of the bills listed, co-sponsored the ones marked with an asterisk *, and have indicated which ones the Governor signed into law. This is not an exhaustive list, by any means, just a sampling of what can happen when we put our heads down, our partisan blinders on, and get to work!.

SUE MULLEN For Education

OCTOBER 10: How can you help?

Lots of you have been asking what you can do to help the campaign during these days of COVID concern...

In the absence of door knocking, the good ol' telephone has been a lifeline to voters! So, if you are willing to make some calls on behalf of my campaign, or any of your other preferred candidates, please private message me and I will point you in the direction of somebody who will help you get started.

OCTOBER 8: Neighborhood Campaigning/Socially Distant

Another Pop-Up Neighborhood event...this time in a treehouse on McAllister Road.  Thank you to all for coming out and engaging in great dialogue.

SUE MULLEN For Health Care

SEPTEMBER 30: Does Sue Want to Increase Taxes?

Please read my recent Letter to the Editor in the Bedford Bulletin.

SEPTEMBER 20: Neighborhood Campaigning/Socially Distant

Many thanks to the folks on Ministerial Branch who came out to hear us all today. Your sincerity and enthusiasm for knowledge and integrity was just the warmth we needed on a chilly afternoon!


Sept. 8, 2020

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.26.55 PM.png

SEPTEMBER 8:  Primary Day

At the voting polls today, and enjoyed seeing my friends and supporters from all political parties.  Thank you for voting either in person or by absentee.  It was  "WIN" for Team Mullen and now onto November!

AUGUST 22:  Campaigning at the Transfer Station

Must be campaign season in NH! Today was our first stop at the Transfer Station, but it won’t be the last...and in case anybody’s wondering: I HATE wearing a mask! But wearing it isn’t about me, it’s about us. May we all stay healthy as we try to inch back to normal...

AUGUST 15:  On the Road Again...POP UP! TRUCK STOP

Our third Pop Up! Truck Stop was today, Saturday morning, at the Bedford Village Common.  Many thanks to everyone who greeted us. It's our responsibility to model integrity, honesty and civil discourse as we lay the foundation for their future. 

AUGUST 12:  Greater Bedford Educators Round Table

Looking for something interesting to do at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 12? Why not join me in a virtual discussion of educational issues in 2020? I have been invited by Organize NH to act as a facilitating host, and I hope to see many of you there! Here's the link to register: https://www.mobilize.us/organizenh/event/295717/


Here we go again! Our second Pop! Up Truck Stop will be in the Benedictine Park lot on Saturday morning, August 8th. Plan on arriving by 9:15 if you want to hear all the candidates speak. There will be an opportunity to meet each one and ask questions following the presentation. Hope to see lots of you there! 


Taking orders for anybody who wants a sign to appear in their yard...just send me your name and address (if you haven't already) and I will get one out to you.

AUGUST 1:  Creative Campaigning

The first Pop Up! Truck Stop is history!

We pulled in to the Town Pool parking lot this morning for our first event. Many thanks to all the folks who came out to meet the candidates and hear what they had to say.

Retaining our quality of life and aspiring for an even better NH is all the motivation I need to run for re-election.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to meet the candidates, if you are able. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious in the very best of ways!

Stay tuned for where we might Pop Up! next, and be sure to let me know if you want the truck to visit you!

Our hope is that folks who have enough lawn or driveway to allow for maintaining a safe social distance will book a date to introduce us to their neighbors and friends.

It was a beautiful morning, Bedford, thanks again to those who allowed me to share it with you...

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 10.04.13 PM.pn

JUNE 11:  Announcement to Join Sue's Campaign

In 2018 the Friends of Sue Mullen was formed to organize the efforts of many into a successful campaign for The New Hampshire House of Representatives. I remain firm in my belief that I would never have won that election without so much assistance from so many of you: 

Some folks asked for a sign for their yard.

Some folks wrote a letter.

Some folks donated money, while others donated time.

Twenty people volunteered to host a house party; fifty+ showed up to address mailers, twice.

We stood at the Transfer Station, on street corners, marched in parades, and knocked on many, many doors.

We talked about civility, respect, and service, filling our hearts with the fellowship of hard work and hope.

I have been humbled by the love and support of so many; please know how deeply grateful I remain. It is an honor to represent you, and I am hoping to have your help in my 2020 re-election campaign.

First, please take a moment to go to my website at www.suemullennh.com to Join the Friends of Sue Mullen via a click at the bottom of the page. Even if you were already signed up in 2018, we need you to register again. 

Looking for a sign? Just put your info on the Join the Friends of Sue Mullen form. Willing to write a letter? Work, socially distanced or remotely, on a mailer? Make a few calls? Everything you need to let us know will be right there, so please join. 

The presence of COVID will impact hugs and handshakes, for sure, but we're already thinking about ways to safely bring our message to the voters. Stay tuned for updates, and please let me know if you have any creative ideas of your own!

Quick shout out to BHS graduate, Kacey Chapman, who took today's photo. Here's hoping for term #2...

Best wishes sent for good health in this heat!