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It was a busy week for this Representative! On Thursday, the House met to consider 54 bills. Some of the highlights included:

*Restoring and raising the minimum wage, helping Granite State families put food on their tables and pay their bills (HB 186).

*Protecting the environment by voting to maintain funding for energy efficiency programs and ensuring cleaner air and water (HB 166).

*Stopping an attempt to kill the biomass industry that would have eliminated nearly a 1000 forestry industry jobs (HB157).

*Establishing a committee to study how to increase NH's commitment to renewable energy (HB 496).

*Ensuring that all NH citizens have the same civil rights in altering vital records (HB 446).

On Friday morning, I attended the 2nd Annual Summit on Higher Education to learn about what's new on our college campuses and to discuss the mental health needs of our young adult students.

Friday afternoon I was invited to a roundtable conversation in Merrimack about the continuing problem of water and air pollution in our area. Presidential candidate Senator Kirstin Gillibrand was on hand to offer advice about how they handled a similar problem in her state of NY, and legislators from Amherst and Nashua were in attendance, as well. You'll be hearing more on this topic as our knowledgeable neighbors have agreed to come to Bedford to share their efforts with us this Spring.

I am so proud to represent you in all of these efforts, and will continue to update you as news happens!

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