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Bedford - District 7 & District 41

Good Morning, Bedford!

As the absentee ballots start to arrive, I have been getting questions about the difference between New Hampshire House District 7 and District 41. So, here's your civics lesson of the day! You're welcome...

The number of state representatives each town has is determined by population. Right now, Bedford has been designated 6.5, split into two districts: District 7 and District 41. We ALL vote for 6 reps in District 7 and we ALL vote for the (.5) rep that we share with Amherst (.5). That's called a floterial district because it's made up of population numbers from both towns. It's important to note that it's based on numbers, NOT geography. If you live ANYWHERE in Bedford, you vote in BOTH districts, and casting a vote for someone in District 41 does NOT affect the vote in District 7.

Vote for 6 in District 7


Vote for 1 in District 41


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