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Busy Week - 180 Bills!

Good Morning, Snowy Bedford!

The NH House met for two robust days this week at the Doubletree Hotel in Manchester. We considered over 180 bills. I am attaching a summary from the NH Bulletin that does a good job of hitting the highlights, but you are all encouraged to contact me at with any specific questions. I want to thank all of the Bedford residents who took the opportunity to contact us prior to the session. It is exceptionally helpful to have a sense of what our constituents want to prioritize, as we move towards a vote.

One of our first orders of business this week was to memorialize Rep. Barbara Shaw who died on December 22. Rep. Shaw served on House Education with me and was both an exceptionally welcoming colleague and quite a character! We shared a love of our common hometown (Manchester), spent a lifetime serving as public school employees, knew a lot of the same people, and laughed more than we disagreed. I offer my condolences to her family, friends, and the constituents that she faithfully represented. You are a reminder that life is precious, Barbara, and you will be missed...

On the other end of the emotional spectrum, the NH House welcomed Bedford's Rep. Catherine Rombeau to the chamber for the first time this week! I know firsthand how mind boggling it is to learn the parliamentary process while you're trying to decide which way to go on a particular issue, let alone doing it behind an N95 mask in an environment that discourages interaction with fellow legislators! I will let Rep. Rombeau speak to her level of exhaustion, but rest assured that she executed her responsibilities admirably! Thank you, Rep. Rombeau!

My committee, House Education, will be considering 103 bills over the next few months. Each one will have a public hearing and then an executive session to determine the fate of the bill. Anyone who is interested in attending to observe or testify should familiarize themselves with the NH General Court website at You can find the daily calendar of events, bills listed by number, and a host of other info that brings the legislature to life. Give it a try and let me know if you have questions.

Today is a snow day in Bedford which is good news for the kids and maybe not so much for their parents! Take a moment, if you can, to make note of how bright the world is when covered by newly fallen snow...I wish you all good sledding!

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve

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