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Commission to Study Per Fluorinated Chemicals

Good morning, Bedford!

On March 5 at 11:15 a.m., the House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee will be hearing HB 737. This bill proposes the formation of a commission to study the environmental and public health impacts of per fluorinated chemicals (PFCs, PFOAs, PFOSs)in the air, soil and groundwater in Merrimack, Bedford and Litchfield.

As many of you know, some Bedford neighborhoods were on bottled water for YEARS before Manchester Water Works brought lines to the Back River Road area.

The commission seeks to investigate and analyze whether or not other areas may have been affected, as there is debate over how far the airborne effects may reach.

If anyone is interested in testifying, I would be happy to share more information about how that can be done. Also, if you are interested in emailing the members of the committee to share you stories, thoughts or feelings about this issue, the address is:

Thanks for reading this! sm

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