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Fight for Clean Water

Hi, Everybody. Below you will find a communication sent out by our colleagues in the fight for clean water in Bedford and Merrimack. Representatives Rung and Murphy asked that I share this with you...


Saint-Gobain filed a request with the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) for a one-year extension to the Feb. 11, 2021 deadline to remove PFAS from its air emissions. Until treatment equipment is installed, PFAS continues to be emitted into the air from their facility, deposited on soil, and leached into groundwater. If you agree that Saint-Gobain should adhere to the deadline, would you please take a few minutes to provide public comment before the August 5 public hearing? The address is Director, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Air Resources Division, 29 Hazen Drive, P.O. Box 95, Concord, NH 03302-0095 or you can send it by email (preferred) to Please include your name, address and phone number on all correspondence. COMMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY AUGUST 5 SO PLEASE ACT SOON!

Rep. Nancy Murphy and I have written a few sample letters below. Feel free to select one and customize it with your personal story. Thank you in advance for your support!

“Dear Director, As a Bedford resident, my family and I have been exposed to PFAS contamination in our air, soil and drinking water for (many, several, over 20 years...your choice). Saint-Gobain has been given ample opportunity to install removal equipment and I oppose any extension to the February 2021 deadline. They are a multi-billion dollar corporation that has access to resources to get this project complete. I urge you to deny this variance request. Thank you.”

“Dear Director, For Saint-Gobain to use the COVID pandemic as a reason to delay their air permit compliance is wrong. Every day they are allowed to operate without air emission treatment is a day the residents of Merrimack, Bedford and other towns are subject to air and groundwater pollution. We expect our State government to protect us. Granting this request puts corporate interests above the health of Granite Staters. I urge you to deny this variance request. Thank you.”

“Dear Director, My family, neighbors and I have endured incredible inconvenience and cost – not to mention risk to our health – because of the PFAS contamination from Saint-Gobain. Enough is enough. They have the resources to install PFAS removal from their air emissions and should be required to do it by the 2021 deadline. Please put Granite Staters first and deny this request. We should not have to be exposed to one more year of PFAS contamination. Thank you.”

Our issues with contaminated water will not go away until polluters are required to change their practices and account for the damage that continues to be done. Please consider adding your voice to this incredibly important cause.

Thanks, Bedford! sm

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