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Fourth Graders

So, my colleague and friend, Dave Danielson, told me that greeting school groups is his favorite part of the job as a Representative, and I sure know why! Wide eyed fourth graders from all over the state come to tour the State House, sit in our seats and ask questions about our government and how things work. Their questions range from brilliant to priceless, and it has been a joy to address them and model civility and respect, even as we mock debate issues that they are passionate about. Think shorter school year. Think choosing ice cream as the state dessert.

But not all the students I have greeted have been IN fourth grade. This week I had the pleasure of welcoming a former student who is the TEACHER of one of those groups! Haha! I think those kids thought I was 100 years old! It inspires me to think that some of our best and brightest fill the shoes of our retirees and guarantee the future for subsequent generations...

Thank you, Janet Burke, for the heads up! And thank you, Holly Clauson, for answering the call to the classroom! You probably won't be a millionaire, but it was never about the money, anyhow; right?

The House was not in Session this week, but we're back on April 4. Stay tuned for updates!

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