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Governor Sununu's Emergency Orders

Good Morning, Bedford,

I just saw the sun!

I don't know about you, but those were two VERY LONG rainy days. My heart goes out to the parents of young kids in our community who are not only trying to provide the right environment for "school at home," but also mediating between siblings and getting creative on how to spend their kids energy when they can't go outside. The long range forecast is good, so our moods should improve along with the weather. ************************************************************* It seems that our legal and social landscapes are changing on a daily basis. This week Governor Sununu signed 6 Emergency Orders.

Some, like #s 20 (increasing the pay for liquor store employees), 21 (appropriating funds for increased domestic violence interventions), and 22 (increasing funding for child protection services) are meant to make something happen.

Others, like #s 23 (waiving the current local govt regulations about things like frequency of meetings, building permit requirements, and planning board decisions), 24 (clarifying the eviction process and renter responsibilities), and 25 (relative to late tax payment penalties and foreclosures) are meant to prevent something from happening, even if it requires suspending current law.

Both sets of action are critical to the process of running state government, and similar things are happening at the federal level, as well. The full text of these orders can be found on the Governor's webpage: ************************************************************ It is hard to know how to summarize the deluge of information coming at us each and every day.

For business owners, assistance will be coming from both state and federal governments, and along with that assistance comes all of the regulations and processes required to access the help. The Small Business Association, the Business and Industry Association of NH and local lenders are available and willing to help navigate new options as they become available.

For those who find themselves out of work, for our older adult population, and those who may be shelter or food insecure, I urge you to take a look at the Community Guidance for the COVID 19 Crisis link on the NH Legal Assistance website: Information about things like unemployment and Social Security benefits, how to get assistance with utilities, acquiring food stamps, and Medicaid eligibility are right at your fingertips, along with the phone numbers you need to access help. ************************************************************* I had a conversation this week with a friend who has faced some significant medical challenges in recent years. She recounted many of the obstacles she has had to plan for in order to beat the odds on her road to recovery, but ended the conversation by saying, "Geez, who could have predicted a PANDEMIC?! I mean, really? Who is prepared for THAT?!"

Indeed, none of us...but now that it's here, and we're being told how to help, we can follow the rules: Stay home. If you need to go out for ESSENTIAL things, keep your distance, and per order of the CDC as of last night, wear a mask. It may not prevent you from getting COVID, but it will help in preventing you from spreading it. Don't touch your face and do wash your hands...over and over again.

Patience. Productivity. Kindness. Humor. Generosity. Love; which one will be your theme this week? I'll let you know what mine ended up being when I write next week.

Thinking of so many of you, sm

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