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Last Day of Regular Session

Just another day at the office...

Good morning, Bedford!

Yesterday, the NH House met for its last regular session at the Whittemore Center in Durham. Our purpose was to act on the House bills that had gone over to the Senate, were amended by them, and sent back to us to concur with the changes made. We had a pretty robust calendar, so I will only highlight some of the interesting legislation that passed. In the good news category:

HB 1280 caps inulin costs at $30 for a 30 day supply and mandates insurance coverage for epi-pens. HB 1645 requires a psychological screening for potential police officers and prohibits the use of choke holds. HB 1240 tightens the definition of sexual contact and expands the elements of the crime for any school employee or adult in a position of authority who assaults a minor. HB 250 establishes a dental benefit for Medicaid recipients. HB 578 establishes a committee to study the safety of residents and employees at long term care facilities. HB 1639 requires insurance coverage for the long term antibiotic treatment of tick-borne illnesses. HB 1264 sets perfluorochemical levels for drinking water and requires insurance coverage for PFAS and PFC blood testing. HB 1558 establishes standards for student suspension and expulsion, and adopts a multitiered system of supports to address student behavior and wellness. HB 1582 provides a tuition waiver at USNH and CCSNH for the children of permanently disabled veterans. HB 1135 requires public schools to to include Holocaust/Genocide education as part of an adequate education. HB 1266 makes the necessary temporary changes to the absentee voting process required in response to COVID 19. From here, these bills and many more will go to the Governor for his consideration. While I am not an overall fan of combining bills (omnibus) to include many parts and pieces under one bill number, not being able to extend the dates of the session meant the we would have lost much of the good work done in both chambers, otherwise. Many of the bills listed above had bipartisan support, so hope springs eternal! I hope this update finds you well. As I shift now from the work of a Representative to the challenges of a candidate running for re-election, I encourage all of you to stay in touch. I will still be checking my legislative email at regularly, and you can always get me at, as well. While I know we all enjoy a sunny day, all I can say is THANK GOODNESS for the rain! Best wishes, sm

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