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Listening and Understanding

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

This week in the House, we considered 163 bills over two VERY long days! Lots of the bills centered around Energy, Health and Safety. While every bill is important to someone, the ones that drew the most comment from residents are highlighted below:

*HB 466 and HB 365 increases the amount of allowed renewable energy storage for individuals and municipalities

*HB 582 continues efforts to increase energy efficiency practices designed to lower consumer costs

*HB 558 and HB 560 restrict the use of plastic straws and single use plastic bags

*HB 109 requires a comprehensive background check for individuals purchasing a firearm

*HB 514 puts a waiting period into place following the purchase of a firearm

*HB 233 protects individuals with pre-existing conditions from being denied medical insurance

*HB 656, HB 703 and HB 717 require pharmaceutical companies to be transparent about prescription costs and undertake cost lowering measures

One of the most important conversations I had this week was with a constituent who questioned me about why I voted the way I did on a particular bill. We disagreed on the topic, but she was willing to stick with me in conversation so I could get a better understanding of what was concerning to her, and she could gain some understanding about why I voted the way I did. I left the conversation with some homework to do to see to what degree her concerns are playing out here in NH. She's worried, and I respect that. The real gift, though, was the hope I felt about two people with different points of view being able to not only speak, but LISTEN. It came at the end of a long week, and I am grateful! Many thanks...

Happy Spring, Bedford! sm

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