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Main Street Relief Fund

Hello, Bedford!

I have two pieces of information to share:

First, the New Hampshire House is scheduled to resume the 2020 session on June 11. We will be meeting in the UNH Field House/ Arena in Durham, which will allow for adequate distancing between all those who are present, and we will be masked. The New Hampshire Constitution requires us to meet in person, but I'll venture a guess that there will be LOTS of discussion regarding potential changes to that once we get through the pandemic. People have asked me if I am nervous about going back and the short answer is, "Sure," but not enough not to go. Caution and consideration are the two factors that will see us all healthy in the long run. Washing your hands and wearing a mask is as much for somebody else as it is for yourself, so love your neighbor through cleanliness and distance. I am happy to get back to work!

My second piece of information is regarding the new Main Street Relief Fund announced yesterday by the Governor. Businesses who generated less than $20 million in revenue during the 2019 tax year are eligible to apply for grants; the pre-grant qualification deadline is MAY 29! Information about the program and the application can be found on the GOFERR webpage: or at Please familiarize yourself with both pages if you think you might qualify. There are certain requirements to be eligible, and some industries like healthcare, agriculture, and childcare may be addressed through other programs. Businesses that pass the pre-grant qualification process will have between June 1 and June 8 to then submit a formal application. Information on how to do that will be released closer to the date. It's a really narrow window, so folks will need to be sure to have all the required information on hand when they sit down to apply. I have attached the Union Leader article covering the announcement for your review. Hope you are all managing well and that you can get outside and enjoy the nice weather. As always, please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns. Best wishes to all, sm

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