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Remembering our Unity

The older I get, the more I realize that the moments we remember from our lifetime with absolute clarity are few and far between:

*The day President Kennedy was assassinated *My first full time job *Gettingt married *The birth of each grandchild *Final good byes to a loved one *and September 11, 2001

I remember every minute of that morning and the days and weeks that followed. I remember school staff whispering before we knew what was happening. I remember parents rushing to school to pick up their kids (Bedford is home to a lot of airline employees). I remember the fear of not knowing where my Brooklyn dwelling/Manhattan working niece was and trying to unsuccessfully reach her by phone. I still feel the horror and can easily replay the images in my mind from the non-stop news coverage that defines tragedy or disaster in our modern world. I will NEVER forget the attack on our country, the human loss or the realization that we are vulnerable as a nation, even on our own soil.

But, as Americans, we stood our ground. We stood in unity and with pride as the heroes among us first defended us, then helped us piece back together our national identity and the sense of security that allowed us all to sleep again. Police, Fire, Military, Medical, Religious, Political, and other service industries worked tirelessly, sometimes risking their own lives, and pieced us back together. They were the glue. The kindness of strangers was limitless and invaluable. Story after story emerged to fill us with a new hope, as we came to the realization that we must never forget. We must never forget the horror or the kindness.

Condolences, still, to those who experienced loss firsthand. May the rest of us continue to honor the victims in our support and generosity towards others.

Best wishes to all of

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