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Right-to-Work to Out-of-State Businesses

Good Morning, Bedford.

The New Hampshire House met on Thursday and Friday at what I now consider to be the satellite campus of the State House: the Bedford Sportsplex!

We are beginning to wind down the first year of the 2021-2022 session, and it has been quite a year, indeed! With the vast majority of our work being done remotely, we have managed to address each and every bill that came before us and meet the required deadlines, none-the-less. As complicated and difficult as the pandemic made things, the introduction of technology into the process has actually increased public participation tremendously. Stay tuned on how/if we are able to retain this silver lining aspect of our troubled times.

Probably the biggest news from this week was the defeat of Right-to-Work legislation (SB 61). I am attaching an article for your review that does a nice job of highlighting key points on both sides of the issue. Passions ran high both for and against, so I will let you draw your own conclusions about whether or not we did the right thing for workers in NH.

The last bill we considered, SB 103, originally dealt with waiving certain registration, licensing, and taxation requirements for out-of-state businesses during a state of emergency, but floor amendment 1824h reintroduced the issue of creating buffer zones around our state parks. This concept had already passed in the House when it was HB 177, but was killed in the Senate. Now, it will be back to the drawing board where a compromise will hopefully be made.

Next week we will be looking at bills that were changed by the Senate after they passed the House. Some bills are awaiting action by the Governor, and others (like school vouchers and the ban on discussing divisive concepts) have been tacked on to the Budget (HB 2) as a means of assuring their passage without vetting them through the true and transparent legislative process.

While most bills have at least a brief "waiting period" between passage and the date that they go into effect, I can guarantee you that a year from now, you'll all be able to name at least a few ways in which life has changed in a major way for the citizens of NH. For better or Worse? I'll let you be the judge...

Best wishes to the BHS Class of 2021! I know you will do us all proud as you step off the local stage and into a larger world than desperately needs you. Congratulations and good luck on your adventures!

Hope you all have a great weekend; it's going to be a hot one! sm

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