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Rombeau - A Bedford Advocate

Dear Bedford:

I first met Catherine Rombeau when we were sizing each other up as candidates in the 2018 NH House of Representatives election. It didn't take long for me to realize what a smart, thoughtful and tireless advocate she is for the town that she loves. As a Town Councilor, Catherine proved that she was willing to listen to all angles of an issue with an open mind. Whether it was as a member of the Energy Commission, the Zoning Board, the Conservation Commission or the Water and Sewer Advisory Committee, she has demonstrated her willingness to be well prepared and to utilize a clear headed, even handed approach when problem solving situations we face as a community.

I have heard Catherine say many times that her experiences as a Town Councilor laid the foundation for her understanding of the crucial interplay between local and state government. We have had many conversations about the concerns we face collectively, (water safety, road and bridge repairs, property taxes, school governance…) and I have complete faith in Catherine's ability to both represent and defend what's at stake in Bedford. She is a woman of great integrity, a hard working attorney, wife and mother with the heart and grit to make us proud. I endorse Catherine Rombeau's run for the NH House wholeheartedly, and I ask that you please join me in voting for her in Bedford's Special Election on September 7.

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Respectfully, Representative Sue Mullen Hillsborough District 07

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