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Saying Goodbye to my Friend, Dave

I don't typically post deeply personal information on my political page, but today is far from a typical day. Today, we laid my friend and colleague, Rep. Dave Danielson, to rest after a valiant fight against an aggressive form of cancer. Not even the nicest guy on Earth could fend off fate, and so now we celebrate his life as he wends his way towards the Heavens.

When I was first considering running for office, I called Dave. Not only did he encourage me to run, he saw it as an important development in the ever growing Bedford demographic. He considered true representation vital to a cohesive community, and he welcomed many voices to the table to be sure we heard it all.

I considered us a contemporary version of the Odd Couple. I am generally quite "tidy." He was not. Dave always led with, "How are we going to pay for this?" after my, "How can we NOT afford to do this?!?!" He was practical. I am a poet, and we both valued the philosophy of service above self in ways that need not be spoken. He was a true gentleman. Honest. Loyal. Kind. The loss to our community is great, and the loss to those who loved him even greater.

In a recent conversation with Dave's son, I shared the following:

"Your dad and I have been friends for a long time and I will miss him in so very many ways. We have prided ourselves on being the "way it should be," differing perspectives, similar values, mutual respect and irreverent humor! I have never doubted his integrity. I have counted on his common sense, and trusted his counsel when I needed an impartial opinion. He is a rascal without being a rogue, and he continues to inspire me right up to this very day!"

Today, even as we say good-bye, I celebrate Dave Danielson... a life well lived, and a job well done, should serve as a reminder to us all that life is precious and you only get one go.

Thank you, my friend.

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