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Sue's Voting Record

Dear Friends,

Are you tired of living in a world punctuated by negativity?

Me, too!

So, with less than three weeks until the Election, today’s post is about hope. It’s about some of the good things that have been happening, in the midst of everything else.

Today’s post is about progress. It’s an uplift and an update about good ideas, and it speaks to so many of the things that are important to lots of you.

I supported all of the bills listed, co-sponsored the ones marked with an asterisk *, and have indicated which ones the Governor signed into law. This is not an exhaustive list, by any means, just a sampling of what can happen when we put our heads down, our partisan blinders on, and get to work!

Sending wishes for a healthy view of Autumn’s splendor, sm


Because I believe that quality public schools are the bedrock of flourishing communities, I supported:

HB 1558: establishing standards for student suspensions and expulsions, addressing violence in schools, supporting a children’s system of care, requiring concussion/brain injury protocols (signed into law)*

HB 131: establishing a commission on mental health education and behavioral wellness (member)

HB 1549: establishing the office of school counseling and psychology*

HB1698: expanding co-curricular opportunities for students with disabilities*

HB 1703: establishing a committee to study ways to reduce food waste in schools*

I also believe that accessing affordable, quality health care is critical, so I supported:

HB 1280: capping insulin, covering epi-pens, lowering drug costs (signed into law)

HB 1639: requiring insurance coverage of long-term antibiotic treatment of tick borne illnesses, expanding opioid addiction treatment, prevention and recovery options (signed into law)

HB 1264/1537: setting maximum contaminant limits in drinking water and requiring insurance coverage for blood testing of affected individuals (adopted)*

HB 1623: ensuring telemedicine services and reimbursement (signed into law)

HB 359: putting warning labels on prescription opiates

SB 4: protecting the basic provisions and essential health benefits of the ACA

I believe that preserving quality of life for Veterans and Older Adults should be a top priority, so I supported:

HB 130: providing property tax exemptions for totally and permanently disabled veterans (signed into law)

HB 1582: improving veterans’ access to housing, employment, higher education and healthcare (signed into law)

HB 616: providing a cost of living adjustment for state retirees for the first time in 9 years (signed into law)

HB 1330 establishing a Wounded Veteran’s Caregiver Day*

HB 578: establishing a committee to study the safety of residents and staff in long-term care facilities

And because we have a duty to protect our children and their families, I supported:

SB 6: appropriating additional funds for child protection workers

HB 550: extending foster care protections

SB 261: providing childcare access to grandparents who are legal guardians

HB 1162: expanding adoption opportunities and early intervention services

HB 1582: tuition waivers for foster care kids

****************************************************************** During the 2019/2020 biennium, the NH House repealed the death penalty, created Mobile Crisis Units dedicated to children, increased funding for suicide prevention, prohibitted chokeholds, provided essential additional funding to public schools, increased Medicaid reimbursement rates to worthy providers, and returned nearly $700,000 dollars of school aid and municipal funding to the town. All of this, along with many other positive steps forward, gets lost in the din of political opinion that puts winning above the welfare of the very people we are elected to serve.

“We are given power not to advance our own purpose, nor to make a great show in the world, nor a name. There is but one just use of power, and it is to serve the people.” George W. Bush

Remember this when you go to the polls on November 3rd.

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