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Swearing In Day - NH House

Swearing In Day for the NH House. Not exactly what I had originally planned on wearing, but it did the trick, as we were outside at 39 degrees from 9:15-2:15!

Daily Summary in a Nutshell: * Anti-Sexual Harassment Training is out. * Guns on the House Floor are back in, and * An attempt to reverse the Governor's COVID Emergency Orders failed, as did disallowing anyone to be sworn in by the Governor remotely.

All seven of your Representatives were in attendance today, which means we are all in good health. Now, THAT'S something to celebrate!

Our first official House Session will be Wednesday, January 6 at UNH's Hamel Rec Center in Durham. Just as an FYI...all House Sessions are live-streamed so the public can watch them. If you go to and click on Streaming Media at the top right of the page, you can get a bird's eye view. We start at 10:00 with prayer and the Pledge, so don't be late!

Hope you are all well as we head into the winter.

Best wishes sent, sm

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