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Town & School District Voting Day

Good morning, Bedford, on the eve of "Springing Forward!"

Historically, we get some kind of weather event around St. Patrick's Day. Luckily, for us, it will NOT be on Tuesday, March 10, which is Town and School District Voting Day! The polls will be open from 7-7 at BHS and I hope lots of folks turn out. We will be choosing Town Councilors, School Board Members, a Library Trustee, Town Clerk, Town Moderator, a Trustee of the Trust Fund and Supervisors of the Checklist.

I promised my friend, Hugh Donovan, that I would remind people what that Checklist Supervisor does: It is the duty of the Supervisor of the Checklist to maintain the integrity of the voter list by determining if people are qualified to vote, updating information, overseeing new voter registration, and educating townsfolk about any changes in voter law. The job requires great attention to detail and working with the Town Clerk's Office to be sure records are accurate. For me, the surprising fact is that these supervisors are elected for a 6 year term! There is something pretty appealing about not having to run for re-election every other year; aren't you the smart one, Hugh!

We had a short session in Concord this week, but next week promises to be a humdinger. Over 400 bills must be acted upon before the close of business on the 12th. We are meeting for two full days, and the Speaker has already suggested that we "plan to be late." Hmm...more on that next week! I had a fun sighting at the State House on Wednesday...pictured with me are Holly Burke, a former McKelvie student, and her mom, Janet. Holly is a fourth grade teacher now, and she convinced her mom to come along on their field trip as a chaperone. Riddle Brook School will be visiting in June, and I will be ready and waiting! Don't forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend, and feel free to let me know how you feel about Daylight Savings Time. I am sure that it's going to be up for debate... As always, please be in touch with any questions or concerns at It is an honor to

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