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Update on Bills Signed by Governor

The first Pop Up! Truck Stop is history!

We pulled in to the Town Pool parking lot this morning for our first event. Many thanks to all the folks who came out to meet the candidates and hear what they had to say.

I spoke a bit about the "good news" and the "bad news" of the past couple of weeks that may have escaped your review.

First, the good.

The bills the Governor signed into law:

HB 1645 - prohibiting chokeholds and requiring a psychological screening of all police candidates HB 1639 - guaranteeing insurance coverage for long term antibiotic treatment of tick borne illnesses HB 1582 - providing free tuition for the children of totally and permanently disabled veterans HB 1558 - dealing with equity and school suspensions/expulsions, violence in schools and a system of care for children who need services HB 1250 - establishing a prescription drug importation program, capping insulin co-payments, and requiring insurance coverage of epi-pens HB 1264 - setting limits for water contamination and requiring coverage for ongoing blood tests for those affected HB 705 - requiring colleges and universities to establish programs and policies to address sexual violence on campuses HB 1162 - extending adoption rights to unmarried couples, enhancing protection of foster children and adding step-parent to the definition of "parent" in matters of child protection HB 1266 - allowing COVID to be a reason for requesting an absentee ballot

Next, the not so good news...

Vetoed were:

HB 250 - dental benefits for Medicaid recipients HB 466 - increasing net metering limits HB 712 - Paid family and medical leave HB 731 - increasing minimum wage HB 1454 - requiring the State Board of Education to vet alternative, extended or work based high school programs before awarding credits HB 1660 -protecting the elderly and vulnerable from exploitation HB 1665 - establishing an independent redistricting commission HB 1672 - No excuse absentee balloting SB 7 - establishing automatic voter registration

This is not a complete list of bills and their outcomes, only a few highlights to illustrate the fact that the work is ongoing.

Retaining our quality of life and aspiring for an even better NH is all the motivation I need to run for re-election.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to meet the candidates, if you are able. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious in the very best of ways!

Stay tuned for where we might Pop Up! next, and be sure to let me know if you want the truck to visit you!

Our hope is that folks who have enough lawn or driveway to allow for maintaining a safe social distance will book a date to introduce us to their neighbors and friends.

It was a beautiful morning, Bedford, thanks again to those who allowed me to share it with you... sm

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