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What happens in just 1 week?

It was a busy week in the House! We considered 58 bills on Thursday and could not finish all the scheduled business, so it's back for a special Session next week.

Highlights included:

* Clarifying voter registration language and eliminating obstacles like auto registration and licensing (HB 105 & 106)

*Allowing any voter who needs an absentee to apply for one, clearing the way for senior citizens to avoid having to drive in predicted bad weather (HB611)

*Protecting patient privacy and preventing government intrusion in collecting medical information (HB 158)

*Extending discrimination protections to transgendered people across all statutes (HB 608)

*Upholding collective bargaining rights in employment (HB622)

*Repealing the death penalty, after listening to legislator personal testimony about why exposing other families to grief could not heal their hearts...(HB 455)

I also voted in favor of blood testing for any individual living within the area polluted by perfluorinated chemicals, if they request it, but understand why the bill, as written, was defeated. I will continue to work on the issue as it impacts residents of our community...

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or want to learn more about what's happening in the State House. I also want to remind people that you can come and watch us in action any day that we're in committee or in session. Let me know if you want to visit! sm

Speaking in support of Resource Officers interacting with students

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