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When Politics Come Before People

So, yesterday was a tough day. For the first time since the Civil War, the NH House had to meet somewhere other than Representatives Hall. Many thanks to the staff at the University of NH for the tremendous effort it took to put 400+ people safely into one space. Generally, people were gracious about social distancing, learning how to use the technology, etc...but there were 40+ folks who refused to wear a mask, and our health compromised folks found that unsettling.

When we were forced out of session in March due to the pandemic, it meant that we had to vote on whether or not to allow the Speaker (and the President of the Senate) to change the dates that things were due. At the time, it seemed pretty obvious that we didn't have any other choice, and it looked like everyone was in agreement. But, the first order of business yesterday was to approve those changes, and the motion failed. Democrats will tell you that it was intended to stall all the pending legislation that had passed the House with a majority vote. Republicans will tell you that they objected to not having more input into how the process was going to work. In either case, the result is the same: hours and hours, days... and weeks... and months worth of work was lost. I will let you be the judge of whether or not there was a right or wrong position here. Yesterday, politics came before people, and that makes me very sad.

We will be back in Durham to close out the session on June 30th. I am hoping that the State House re-opens soon, because there are still committees and commissions with work to do, and I sit on both! As, always, you can reach me at to share your thoughts or concerns. I remain committed to doing the job you elected me to do! Best to All, sm

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